Welcome to my world of literature, art and music.

I write poems and I paint.

  • I and You
    “RENEGADE!” You snarl. “Renegade?” I smile.
  • the great escape
    “For the sake of us”, I said. “For the rest of our lives”, you assumed. It has all been a mistake.
  • Passage
    Silently, when you took my arm I turned around and stood alarmed. Silently, when you took my arm And we were children, happy, warm.
  • Office Hours
    On most days, I know nothing. On Tuesdays at 2.47, you re-apply your lipstick and leave stained tea cups by my desk. On Wednesdays at 12, I am buried deep… Continue reading Office Hours
  • Impression
    falling with purpose searching for meaning you’ll see in your lover’s eyes
  • Fugue
    start of something good, wonderful, possibly sweet with you, holding hands.
  • Here
    eternal evenings orange yellow what have you eternally true
  • Din
    pollen, swollen eye you, king of the fruits and more… can’t convince me still.
  • Melody
    musical monsoon falling raindrops, falling in love, falling, falling…
  • Distant
    long drawn winter chill a word spoken out of turn snowdrifts on the hill

Hello. I’m a regular 25-year old. I like to write and paint more than most things. Welcome to my blog.